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Maximizing Your Investment: The Harcourts Coastal Approach to Property Management

When considering an agency to manage your most valuable asset, it makes sense to select a team that understands your chief objective is to maximise your investment by optimising the return.

With an experienced team of Property Managers, Harcourts Coastal promotes a company-wide focus on the delivery of exceptional customer service. We guarantee that we will pro-actively communicate with you on all matters relating to your property. You should expect excellence from your Harcourts Coastal team, and we would consider it a privilege to be entrusted with the management of your property.

Property Management is a highly specialised aspect of Real estate and it is fraught with the danger of litigation in almost every task you undertake. A competent Property Manager not only possesses a strong understanding of their role, they continually increase their knowledge of insurance requirements, changes to legislation and industry and market trends to ensure all clients achieve the highest level of service at all times. Agents are often engaged to pick up the pieces of poorly self-managed properties after it has cost the owner countless hours in trying to resolve conflicts with their tenant, not to mention the monetary cost.

Routine inspections

We feel it is important to inspect your property every three months without fail. A detailed report including photos is then lodged in our system and a copy is sent to you for your file. Inspections completed any further apart than this can lead to property damage that is harder and more costly to rectify.

Tenant Liaison

Who wants a phone call at 11:30pm at night regarding a plumbing issues? We want you to feel relaxed in the knowledge that while your property is managed with us you will not be disturbed for unnecessary decisions. We act on your behalf and make smart cost effective decisions on the maintenance and repair of your home.

Tenant qualifying

We take extended time to qualify your potential tenants. All rental references are checked and financial/ employment documentation reviewed. We do our best to put forward the best candiates for your property and then you make the final decision. We sit with the tenants and do a thorough ingoing meeting that ensures all ‘frequent issues’ are handled correctly from the start.

Financial Management

Our rental payments policies are clear from the start. We ensure the correct notices are issued with the required excess days in calculation to ensure that our procedures are always valid and in line with the Residential Tenancies Act. We do our best to ensure your tenants pay the rent on time. We disburse our Landlord funds and your rental statement once a month on the 15th of each month.

Rental Reviews

We will keep you up to date on the Rental Market on the Gold Coast via a quarterly snapshot. If the market is moving we will keep you posted and ensure your rent is always on the market.

The Coastal Difference

Our vision when starting Harcourts Coastal was to create a real estate group that represented the Gold Coast with world-class service. And today, that vision is becoming a reality.

Harcourts Coastal are committed to delivering a world-class real estate experience to our clients. Discover our difference today by reaching out to Katrina Walsh on 0429 899 295 or